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If you are a professional truck driver then you should also know the 7 things professional truck drivers should never do while on the road. 1. DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE Any professional driver who texts and drives is nothing but an irresponsible driver that puts in jeopardy himself and others on the road. 2. DON’T LET YOUR ELD MAKE ALL THE DECISIONS This rush to ‘beat the clock’ to maximize your mileage and milk every last minute out of the driver’s available hours, can create dangerous situations. 3. DON’T DRIVE TOO FAST FOR ROAD CONDITIONS Any truck driver who drives in the winter months where there are snow and ice will have seen at least one major truck wreck. Many wrecks in the winter months are mostly caused by excessive speed on slippery roads. Trucks cannot stop as quickly on snowy or slippery roads as on dry roads. 4. DON’T DRIVE WHEN TIRED There is never a good enough reason for a professional truck driver to operate his vehicle when tired. 5.FORGETTING ABOUT YOUR TRAILER It may seem impossible to forget about a 28-plus foot trailer dragging behind you, but it happens. New truck drivers are especially likely to make mistakes where they misjudge turning distance or maneuvers because they aren’t used to the size of their trailer. 6.FAILURE TO MAINTAIN A GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR DISPATCHER/SHIPPER,RECEIVER Be polite and professional to your driver manager (DM), your dispatcher, and any shipper/receiver you work with. Even if none of these people directly sign your paycheck, they indirectly control the amount of work you have. 8. GETTING STRANDED WITHOUT A BACK UP PLAN Whether you’re an owner-operator or a member of a big truck fleet, you deserve support in case things turn sour. That means having a roadside assistance plan if you get in an accident, have a dead battery, run out of fuel, or encounter mechanical trouble.


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