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Spending the time to prepare your semi-truck for winter prevents unnecessary accidents and breakdowns from happening, which means less time in the shop and more time hauling loads and making earnings. Most winter-weather-related failures can be avoided with a thorough checkup and targeted dose of preventive maintenance before temperatures dip. Tips: TEST YOUR COOLANT Most coolant manufacturers specify product life at 24 months. If your coolant is older, flush the system and replace the coolant. Even if the coolant hasn’t reached the two-year mark, use a refractometer or hydrometer and test strips to find out whether the freeze point is adequate and the coolant is preventing aeration, corrosion and cavitation. MAINTAIN THE ENGINE-BLOCK HEATER The block heater keeps the engine warm overnight and increases chances the engine will start well in cold temperatures. Compared with gas engines, diesel engines have a more difficult time starting in cold weather because they need higher cylinder temperatures. PREPARE THE WINDSHIELDS If your windshield wiper fluid is getting low, refill it and switch to a cold temperature blend. Ensure your windshield wipers are working properly and invest in a new set if they aren’t. CLEAN THE AIR TANKS Check your air dryer to ensure it’s functioning properly and inspect it for leaks and corrosion. You can clean your air tanks by removing the drain plugs and allowing them to dry. Your air dryer stops water from icing over brake lines, so it’s important to keep the air dryer in good condition. EXAMINE COOLANT HEATERS AND OIL HEATERS Improve cold weather engine startability and decrease engine wear in extremely cold environments (temperatures below 11 degrees Fahrenheit for extended periods). CHECK YOUR TIRES Check each tire to make sure they are properly inflated, have plenty of tread left and don’t have any cracks or degraded rubber.

Extra tips

EXTRA WARM CLOTH and BLANKETS Shop for warm wool sweaters , real fur and leather boots. Those will keep you warm in winter


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