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Safe and Healthy driving across America

Here at ASE we care deeply about our drivers. Drivers that are spending most of their weekly routine on the road need to stay hydrated in order to keep the eye on the road. We would like to provide some tips for drivers in regards that matter : Keep lots of water with you in your cabin at all times. Eat water-rich foods. Many fruits and vegetables are loaded with water and provide an effective way to help stay hydrated—in addition to drinking water. Water-rich vegetables you can use to rehydrate include: Cucumbers – 96.7 percent water Iceberg lettuce – 95.6 percent water Celery – 95.4 percent water Fruits that can help you stay hydrated include: Watermelon – 91.5 percent water Strawberries – 91 percent water Grapefruit – 90.5 percent water

Try infusing water with fresh fruit. They give your water a flavor boost without adding sugar or chemical sweeteners, try infusing water with fresh fruit by adding a lemon wedge or a handful of berries. Make sure to keep fresh fruits in your refrigerator. Replace sugary sodas with sparkling water. Sparkly water contains mineral compounds as well and the taste is definitely delicious too.

SAFE and HEALTHY driving across America!


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