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There is 10 Safety Tips for Truck Drivers:

1. It is very important to Get enough rest in order to be competent on the road. If you feel sleepy, pull over and take a nap. Don’t risk driving while sleepy. 2. Slow down in work zones. Adjust your speed so you can follow the provided signage without endangering yourself, other drivers, or the workers. 3. Always Be aware of your blind spots. Small cars can be easily missed. Signal your intention to change lanes or turn well in advance, so that cars have enough opportunity to get out of your blind spot. You might also invest in extra side mirrors to improve visibility. 4. Maintain a safe distance from the cars in front of you. It will take you much longer to stop than an average car. 5. Regularly check your semi truck's brakes. There isn’t always a convenient runaway truck ramp nearby to catch you if your brakes go bad. 6. Always Follow suggested speed limits. 7. Avoid aggressive drivers. This will help you fulfill tip #6. Don’t get caught up in road rage scenarios; antagonizing aggressive drivers will only escalate the situation. 8. Always wear your seat belt. 9. Beware of the effects of prescription and OTC drugs; many medications make you drowsy. 10. Eat healthy and full of nutritious food.


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